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Micro finance, Women and Children



What RANET Does:

RANET believes that getting people resourced will enhance them

to build on their lives, however, by fighting poverty we need to give

support to micro-businesses for women,

AND BUILD ON THEIR CAPACITIES  to cater for their livelihood.


Roasting plantain enbles her to cater for her family


Empower an entire community to rise out of poverty. With Fund a Project you take direct action to enable a community struggling for the basic necessities of food, income and education to build a better life. How you can contribute:

Help end Vulnerability among women the project and help to fund the training for the smaller table trading, farming, and veterinary care needed to make the project successful.

1.     Your contribution allows RANET to work with the community to develop farms, businesses and education required for those in need to rise from chronic poverty.

2.     You share in the project's progress with annual project updates and the stories of the people your gift has enabled to pursue a better life.

3.     Funding will help us expand our small loans to these people to set up.


4.     SUPPORT us to help our ecology become sustained as the people move away from farming very close to RIVER BANKS

Help fund a project and receive annual progress updates. With Fund a Project you give to the project you select, change the lives of a whole community and see the results your gift/FUNDING produces.








RANETis linking the wise to invest in the people for a change! You can help donate now!